Episode 22:Almost “Fame”ous



It’s Wrestlemania season, and with that it’s also WWE Hall of fame season. With the 2017 class already stacked, Gregg and Chris decided to make a list of their own! Each have picked  5 legendary personalities that they feel deserve the honor of being Hall of Famers. It’s sure to bring back a ton of great memories!!

Episode 22:Almost “Fame”ous

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Episode 21:Ultimate Warrior vs. Goldberg

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On this week’s show, Gregg and Chris each take a side in battle of epic proportions!!  They debate who was the more legendary competitor between these 2 wrestling icons!! If you love WWF/WCW of the 90’s, this is the show for you!  Don’t forget to head over to our Twitter page and vote on who you think is the best!

Episode 21:Ultimate Warrior vs. Goldberg

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Episode 20: Blowin’ and Burnin’


On this episode, Gregg and Chris break down this past week’s Raw and Smackdown.  One was successful, the other was not.  The guys also preview the Raw Brand PPV “Fastlane” coming up this Sunday.  They also give their thoughts on how the Wrestlemania card is taking shape.  It’ll “surely make you lose your mind.”

Episode 20: Blowin’ and Burnin’

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