Episode 27:WWF Insurrextion ’02


On this week’s show, Gregg and Chris take their act international!  They revisit the 2002 U.K. and Canada only PPV “Insurrextion.”  There are a lot of fun matches on this card, so be sure to catch it on the WWE Network, then join us for the break down!!

Episode 27:WWF Insurrextion ’02

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Episode 26:The Bobby Eaton Invitational


On this weeks show, Gregg and Chris show their appreciation for some of the great performers of all time, that may not get all the love they deserve.  They each picked 5 superstars who they consider are the most “Underrated” in history.  Who would be on your list?

Episode 26:The Bobby Eaton Invitational

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Easter Bonus Show!


Happy Easter from Gregg and Chris!  As a “thank you” to all that support the show, we’re giving you a little something extra this weekend!  The boys discuss a few trending topics in WWE right now, as well as preview their next episode coming next week!

Easter Bonus Show!

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Episode 25:ECW Barely Legal ’97


April 13, 1997 was a turning point in the history of professional wrestling.  It marked the 1st PPV event for Extreme Championship Wrestling, “Barely Legal.”  If  you were an east coast wrestling fan in the 90’s, like Chris and Gregg were, ECW will always hold a special place in your heart.  The boys go back in time and relive this historic event, breaking down the entire card.  Come along for ride as we get EXTREME!!!

Episode 25: ECW Barely Legal ’97

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Episode 24:Are You Ready for the Fallout?


Gregg and Chris have finally decompressed from the epic weekend that was Wrestlemania.  You’ll hear their takes on all the big ‘Mania moments.  They also touch on the Post-Wrestlemania editions of Raw and Smackdown.

Note: This is an incomplete show due to some technical difficulties.  We apologize for that.  Trust me, however, there is still plenty of HSLB to enjoy this week!

Episode 24:Are You Ready for the Fallout?

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Episode 23:Wrestlemania 33 Preview



Happy Wrestlemania Day! Gregg and Chris preview the 33rd edition of the “Show of Shows!”  We break down every match on the card, and give our picks on who will walk away victorious.

Note:This show is raw and unedited.  No music, no intro, none of our usual bells and whistles.  A small price to pay for actually being in the same room while recording!

Episode 23:Wrestlemania 33 Preview

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