Episode 29:Four Horsemen vs. DX

On this weeks show, Gregg and Chris debate who was the greatest stable in the history of pro wrestling!  Was it the Four Horsemen, or De-generation X?! Stay tuned at the end of the show for a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT about the future of the podcast!

Episode 29:Four Horsemen vs. DX

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Episode 28:SuperBrawl III


On this week’s show, Gregg and Chris travel back to February 1993, and revisit WCW SuperBrawl III!  So many future stars competed on this night, including a young Chris Benoit, and the man who would become “Stone Cold” Steve Austin!  The boys break down the whole show, all while trying to figure out what the hell a “White Castle of Fear” is!  Be sure to catch this event on the WWE Network, then join us to hear all about it!

Episode 28:SuperBrawl III

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