Maverick Deals: Dear Angry Wrestling Fans-Part 2

So now that we’ve had a little while to digest Part 1 of this letter, please enjoy the continuation: “Chan-ting Non-sense”- Since we have already covered awful you sound on social media, it’s how you act in the arenas that is the most irritating. I wish I could pinpoint the moment that it all happened.Continue reading “Maverick Deals: Dear Angry Wrestling Fans-Part 2”

Maverick Deals: Dear Angry Wrestling Fans….

The following is an open letter to all fans who have no idea how to enjoy pro wrestling anymore. Please share! Dear Angry Wrestling Fans, You may not be aware of this, but you are ruining one of the few things that I hold dear. You might not think you are part of the problem,Continue reading “Maverick Deals: Dear Angry Wrestling Fans….”