Maverick Deals: Dear Angry Wrestling Fans-Part 2

So now that we’ve had a little while to digest Part 1 of this letter, please enjoy the continuation:

“Chan-ting Non-sense”- Since we have already covered awful you sound on social media, it’s how you act in the arenas that is the most irritating. I wish I could pinpoint the moment that it all happened. When did wrestling crowds decide that the shows were about them instead of the action going on in the ring? People are literally paying hundreds of dollars to see if they can get the crowd to join them in some bullshit chant. It was at the previously mentioned Live Event that I had the pleasure of sitting 3 rows in front of “Yelling Guy.” We all know this guy. A guy so void of brains that he just screams ran-dom wo-ords with the hope that can go home and tell his bros that he started a chant at a wrestling show. I’m assuming his mother didn’t hug him enough. There came a point during the night that, if I wasn’t with my 6 year old nephew, I probably would have attempted to embarrass him with my own words.

During a women’s tag match that featured Alexa Bliss/Nia Jax vs. Asuka/Dana Brooke, the guy directs a, “Big and Beautiful,” chant at Ms. Jax. A chant that to me seems counterproductive. Yet when Alexa Bliss entered the ring, he starts in with a, “Short and Ugly” chant! This dude had so many rancid farts for brain cells, that he couldn’t even decide which team he wanted to win the match. All he wanted to do was, at the top of his lungs mind you, yell at some women. It is almost like we have forgotten how to cheer or boo. Sure it’s fun to turn your phone into a firefly, or swipe your arm while saying, “Delete!,” but if after the bell rings you can hear conversations across the arena, then we aren’t doing are jobs as fans. The matches actually should matter to you, especially when you are in attendance.

The main event that night was Roman Reigns vs. John Cena for the Intercontinental Championship. A pretty decent match for a non-televised event if you as me. Yet when you looked around the crowd, it looked like their heads were going to explode. Sure there was a nice buzz around Madison Square Garden, but they had no idea what to do! It’s not that hard people. You pick a horse, and you cheer for him. It’s not a battle of which guy sucks more. The negativity is palpable. If you honestly hate both guys that much, just keep your ass home. I’ve been to shows in that building, where sound had feeling. I long for those days again. We need pops. We need claps. We need to cheer again! (P.S.-Enough with the CM Punk chants. I liked the guy too, but you treat him like the first girl that touched your wiener. She doesn’t care and neither does he. Let it go, man.).

And finally-

“Everyone is a Tweener”- I see this statement a lot and it always makes me chuckle. It’s the idea that babyfaces and heels don’t exist anymore, at least in the classic sense anyway. It’s the idea that the WWE has changed the way it is presenting their talent. I laugh at this because the WWE hasn’t changed a thing. You’ve changed! Somewhere along the way we as fans have stopped accepting who these characters are. We refuse to cheer guys like Roman and Cena. We refuse to boo guys like Samoa Joe or the Miz. Root for whoever you want, I don’t care. But thinking that everyone is straddling some gray area is just plain untrue. The WWE still has good guys and bad guys. There is no reason for them to change that formula. Yet when the fan base wont allow themselves to accept these terms and conditions, this is how we get the bullshit on social media, and in the arenas.

You see it all ties together. We have to collectively end the negativity that surrounds the sport we all love. Superkicks and flips aren’t “killing the business,” the fans are. If a fan says they like a certain wrestler, 15 people call them stupid. It seems liking both AJ Styles and Kenny Omega is somehow frowned upon. We should like it all! It is the greatest time to be a wrestling fan. There is literally something out there for everyone, and it is all available instantly. When I was younger, being a wrestling fan was like being part of a secret club. Now we have bouncers at the door telling us we’re stupid because we like certain people. It can’t be like that anymore. I’m guilty of things on this list. We all are. So my pledge for 2018 is to be a better wrestling fan. To bring back the days where watching wrestling was fun. Where we cheered our heroes and booed their opponents. If you are willing to take this pledge with me, I’m happy to have you along for the ride. But if you want to continue degrading your own, while crapping on the people that put their bodies on the line for your entertainment, well I think it’s about time you hide and go fuck yourself. Happy New Year, friends.

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