Theirs For The Taking

When the WWE decided to put on an all women’s PPV, I thought it was a fantastic idea. Finally the talented women of the company will be given ample time to showcase their talent, and furthermore proving to the world that women’s wrestling is not just for bathroom breaks. We have come a long way in the last 20 years or so. After the Wendy Richters and Medusa’s of the world. the women’s division was treated as nothing more than eye candy. When Sable or Sunny came on the screen I didn’t change the channel for obvious reasons. I was a teenager. I liked boobs I’m not gonna apologize for that! All kidding side the “Evening gown match” doesn’t age well, but that was the era we lived in. I’m not proud of it, but we can only learn from our past, not run away from it.

As time went on so did the roles women played on WWE television. Trish Stratus and Lita began their careers as valets, and carved out a Hall of Fame resume as wrestlers. They, along with the following generation of Divas, with the likes of Beth Phoenix and AJ Lee, were able solidify their positions as commodities for the company, no longer just pretty faces. They had earned our respect as wrestlers.

Which brings us to where we are now. Long gone are the days of bras, panties, and puppies. The women play a major role in all the shows the WWE offer. Social media chatter for them is just the same as the men. Every match result and promo is overly dissected. Everyone has their favorites and wants to see them in the women’s title picture. We even complain when things don’t the way we want them to. To put it simply, the Women’s Revolution has created a level playing field in the eyes of the fans. Talent always seem to rise to the top, and these performers have it by the boatload. This was all proven during the recent WWE Evolution PPV. It was strong show from top to bottom, and I would put it up with Summerslam as my favorite PPV of 2018. These women were given an opportunity under tremendous pressure and excelled in every way, shape, and form. Now I know a lot of you are saying that this show was only put on to make up for the fact that the women cant perform in Saudi Arabia. Honestly, who cares? It still happened. It was still a success. Lets enjoy the moment for what it was instead of reacting negatively to the other goings on in WWE.

With that being said….

Whats next for these women? They have headlined a main roster PPV. Had their own Royal Rumble. Their own PPV. The star power in the women’s division is at an all time high. I would love to see a tag team title that could be defended over both Raw and Smackdown. There are enough women on the main roster now where a secondary title wouldn’t be the worst idea. With the amount of stables, and multi-wrestler matches we see anyway, a tag championship is the smarter play. The men’s roster lacks that 1 mega personality that owns the spotlight, especially with Roman Reigns on the shelf indefinitely with his health issues. The women’s division, however, is stock piled with talented and marketable performers. Becky Lynch has the fans in the palm of her hands. Charlotte Flair is a freak athlete with no ceiling to how great she can be. Ronda Rousey is the crossover mainstream superstar that brings it all together. There really is only one more hill to climb for these women, and thats the main event of Wrestlemania. Let me be clear…its going to happen! Whether it is next year in NY or not, it’ll be sooner rather than later. The fan base is ready. The company is ready. The performers are ready. Women’s wrestling has had its evolution and its revolution. Now its time for them to shine in the spotlight. We are always looking for the next Hogan, Austin, or Cena. Right now we have the first Becky, Charlotte, and Ronda. They are commanding our attention, and the only thing the men can do is sit back and watch….

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