Indy Lounge: Heather Monroe

“Women’s Week” rolls on with one of the most fun interviews we have ever done.  Heather Monroe joins us in the “Indy Lounge” to talk about her wrestling career and so much more. Hear about her unique match with Jack Jameson and Bryn Thorne, as well as her fascination with true crime stories. Indy Lounge:Continue reading “Indy Lounge: Heather Monroe”

Clash of the Champions VI

April 2nd, 1989 is a famous day in the history of wrestling.  It was the day the “Mega Powers Exploded” at Wrestlemania V in New Jersey.  1,200 miles southwest of Atlantic City, another major wrestling event was taking place in New Orleans.  “Clash of the Champions VI-Rajin Cajun” was held at the Superdome, and featuredContinue reading “Clash of the Champions VI”

Road Warriors vs.The Fabulous Freebirds

Road Warriors vs. The Fabulous Freebirds The boys are trying something a little different on the show this week, as they do their first “watch-along” of a classic match.  Fire up your YouTube and check out The Road Warriors vs. The Fabulous Freebirds from 9/28/85.  Gregg and Chris provide commentary throughout the match and haveContinue reading “Road Warriors vs.The Fabulous Freebirds”

Indy Lounge:Jaxon Stone

Indy Lounge:Jaxon Stone Jaxon Stone is one of the most fascinating figures on the independent wrestling scene.  Hear all about his unique path to the squared circle, starting with his time as a Division 1 college baseball player.  Jaxon has been all over the world as wrestler, and is using that platform to be anContinue reading “Indy Lounge:Jaxon Stone”

In Your House 7:Good Friends, Better Enemies

  In Your House 7:Good Friends, Better Enemies It was a transitional time for the WWF in April of 1996.  Wrestlemania 12 is in the books.  Bret Hart is on hiatus.  Diesel and Razor Ramon are about to jump ship and head to WCW.  There are 5 Hall of Famers in dark matches!  Gregg andContinue reading “In Your House 7:Good Friends, Better Enemies”

Indy Lounge:”The Man Under Par” Dale Springs

Indy Lounge:”The Man Under Par” Dale Springs On the inaugural episode of our new interview show, the guys welcome one of the hottest rising stars on the southern wrestling scene.  “The Man Under Par” Dale Springs from Elev8 Pro Wrestling joins the show.  They get the inside scoop on the origins of his character, hisContinue reading “Indy Lounge:”The Man Under Par” Dale Springs”