Indy Lounge: Nikos Rikos

OPA!! On this episode of the “Indy Lounge” we welcome tri-state area native Nikos Rikos!  Nikos is an huge animal advocate aside from being an independent wrestler.  Hear some great behind the scenes stories from his experiences appearing on WWE television.  We also talk the northeast wrestling scene, and throw in some New York baseballContinue reading “Indy Lounge: Nikos Rikos”

Indy Lounge: Dimitri Alexandrov

We conclude “Russian Week” with one the most fun-filled episodes to date! Dimitri Alexandrov is hanging out in the “Lounge” and he has enough personality to kill a bear!  We talk about his early years of playing hockey and being really into marine life. He tells us all about his favorite wrestlers growing up.  PlusContinue reading “Indy Lounge: Dimitri Alexandrov”

A Conversation w/ Nikita Koloff

“Russian Week” just became a “Russian Nightmare”!  Chris and Gregg had the tremendous honor of speaking with a true legend and NWA Hall of Famer, Nikita Koloff.  Hear all about how he got his start in wrestling, and how he pretty much learned the art of the business on the fly.  From legendary feuds withContinue reading “A Conversation w/ Nikita Koloff”

Indy Lounge: Masha Slamovich

Kicking off “Russian Week” on the podcast is one of the hottest young female talents on the indy scene.  Joining us from all the way in Japan, is New York native Masha Slamovich.  Trained by Johnny Rodz in Brooklyn, Masha brings a unique and old school view of wrestling for such a young performer.  HearContinue reading “Indy Lounge: Masha Slamovich”

Indy Lounge: Troy Hollywood

Florida native Troy Hollywood joins the “Indy Lounge” in what promises to be the most off the wall interview we have done yet.  We talk about so many topics in this conversation that the wrestling is few and far between.  From video games, to relationships, to YouTube rabbit holes, it is a unique chat toContinue reading “Indy Lounge: Troy Hollywood”

Indy Lounge: “The Dream Girl” Ellie

The Indy Lounge is back interviewing the very best talent on the independent wrestling scene.  This is episode is no different, as we welcome the other half of the International Superstars, “The Dream Girl” Ellie.  Ellie and the guys cover a litany of topics including Disney, tattoos, and, on occasion, her wrestling life story.  IfContinue reading “Indy Lounge: “The Dream Girl” Ellie”

Indy Lounge: Mario Bokara

We are very excited about today’s guest on the Indy Lounge.  Gregg and Chris have followed this man’s career from his early days in NJ wrestling, and were honored to have Mario Bokara hang out with them for a bit.  Mario has wrestled for OVW, Impact, Wrestle Pro, and many more promotions.  He shares aContinue reading “Indy Lounge: Mario Bokara”