Indy Lounge: Brittani Nikole Pt. 2

In the second installment of our marathon conversation with Elev8 Pro Wrestling Owner, Brittani Nikole, the goofballery continues.  We talk about our experiences, or lack there of, with recreational drugs.  Brittani tells us what her name would have been if she had been a boy.  We also have a passionate discussion about how inclusivity inContinue reading “Indy Lounge: Brittani Nikole Pt. 2”

Indy Lounge: Brittani Nikole Pt. 1

We have a special treat for you this week on the “DDT Archives Indy Lounge” as we welcome a true pioneer in the wrestling business.  She the first and only female promoter in the history of Lousiana.  She is Brittani Nikole Houghtlen! The reason why this is a treat is that this interview(if you evenContinue reading “Indy Lounge: Brittani Nikole Pt. 1”

Synergy Pro Wrestling GSI 2020 Recap

Synergy Pro Wrestling gave us yet another incredible night of pro wrestling.  It was the GSI Tournament.  Chris was there live and talks to Gregg back in the studio to give us all the details from the venue.  We even got a few minutes with the NEW Cruiserweight Crown Champion TJ Crawford.  All right hereContinue reading “Synergy Pro Wrestling GSI 2020 Recap”

Indy Lounge: TJ Crawford

He is one of the hottest young cruiserweights on the independent scene.  TJ Crawford brings excitement to every show he is on.  He hangs out with the guys in the “Indy Lounge” to talk all things wrestling!  We also talk about some of our favorite sports moments we’ve experienced.  Also, it’s New York vs. ChicagoContinue reading “Indy Lounge: TJ Crawford”

Indy Lounge: Anthony Henry

On this episode we talk to former Evolve Tag Team Champion Anthony Henry!  Anthony reflects on his wrestling career, especially what may come post the pandemic.  The bulk of the interview however is about something we all love, FOOD! All that and more on this Monday edition of the Indy Lounge. Indy Lounge: Anthony HenryContinue reading “Indy Lounge: Anthony Henry”

BONUS SHOW: Colin West

We were honored to have Synergy Pro Wrestling Owner Colin West join us to preview the upcoming Garden State Invitational Tournament on 7/25. It started as a commercial, and turned into a full fledged interview with Colin.  We talk the tournament, how he got his start in wrestling, and the incredible relationships he has builtContinue reading “BONUS SHOW: Colin West”

Indy Lounge:Vicious Vicki

One of New Jersey’s hottest female talents joins the “Indy Lounge” on this episode.  Vicious Vicki shares her inspiring story about how she overcame addiction issues to follow her dream of becoming a pro wrestler.  Before we get to that we tackle other important subjects only East Coasters would understand.  Is it “gravy” or “sauce”? Continue reading “Indy Lounge:Vicious Vicki”

Indy Lounge:”Ruthless” Ryan Davidson

Our guest today is Texas native, and Reality of Wrestling star “Ruthless” Ryan Davidson.  Ryan has traveled and wrestled all over the world.   We also talk about his relationship with 2-Time WWE Hall of Famer, Booker T.  He also shares the craziest story about a match he had in Japan that you won’t hear anywhere! Continue reading “Indy Lounge:”Ruthless” Ryan Davidson”

Indy Lounge: Logan Creed

Today on the show we welcome MLW superstar “The Heathen” Logan Creed.  Aside from talking about his wrestling career, Logan has dabbled in some acting.  He has a role in an upcoming horror film that he discusses with the guys.  We also talk some comic books, the development of his character, as well as someContinue reading “Indy Lounge: Logan Creed”

Greatest of Ease:The Barry Windham Story

He is one of the most respected performers in the history of pro wrestling.  With an unrivaled smoothness, Barry Windham could do it all in the ring.  In honor of his 60th birthday, Gregg and Chris look back of the storied career of this 2nd generation superstar.  Fire up the WWE Network and watch alongContinue reading “Greatest of Ease:The Barry Windham Story”

Indy Lounge: Matt Macintosh

One of the top independent talents in the Northeast makes his way to the “Indy Lounge” today.  Matt Macintosh talks about his experiences wrestling in WrestlePro and a few other promotions around country.  We also talk about video games, the MCU, and his dog “Inoki.”  Speaking of dogs, Gregg goes on a rant about “PawContinue reading “Indy Lounge: Matt Macintosh”

Indy Lounge: LSG & Synergy Pro Wrestling Preview!

We have a loaded show for you today on the “Indy Lounge.”  Hanging out with us is New Jersey native, the “Ace of Space”, LSG.  Having worked for Ring of Honor, Wrestle Pro, and many other promotions around the country, LSG talks about his life on the wrestling scene.  We cover of bunch of hisContinue reading “Indy Lounge: LSG & Synergy Pro Wrestling Preview!”