The Top Shelf #3 featuring Camp Leapfrog

We have a supersized episode of “The Top Shelf” for you this week. Chris and Gregg cover this past weekends action on IWTV including ICW No Holds Barred, Synergy’s Women’s GSI, MLW and more. They also preview the upcoming Paradigm UWFI Rules Contenders Series, as well as Limitless Vacationland Cup. After we take some “Shots” and do some plugs, and then the fun begins. We have a panel featuring our friends at Camp Leapfrog. Join Kaia McKenna, Brad Rush, Ref Gina, and Kris Levin as we talk summer memories, and a fun approach to pro wrestling! It’s a double feature on a Friday from your boys at DDT Archives!

Hosted by Chris and Gregg

“The Indy Lounge” featuring interviews with some of wrestling’s top independent talent come to you every Monday and Wednesday.

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