Greatest of Ease:The Barry Windham Story

He is one of the most respected performers in the history of pro wrestling.  With an unrivaled smoothness, Barry Windham could do it all in the ring.  In honor of his 60th birthday, Gregg and Chris look back of the storied career of this 2nd generation superstar.  Fire up the WWE Network and watch alongContinue reading “Greatest of Ease:The Barry Windham Story”

Indy Lounge: Matt Macintosh

One of the top independent talents in the Northeast makes his way to the “Indy Lounge” today.  Matt Macintosh talks about his experiences wrestling in WrestlePro and a few other promotions around country.  We also talk about video games, the MCU, and his dog “Inoki.”  Speaking of dogs, Gregg goes on a rant about “PawContinue reading “Indy Lounge: Matt Macintosh”

Indy Lounge: LSG & Synergy Pro Wrestling Preview!

We have a loaded show for you today on the “Indy Lounge.”  Hanging out with us is New Jersey native, the “Ace of Space”, LSG.  Having worked for Ring of Honor, Wrestle Pro, and many other promotions around the country, LSG talks about his life on the wrestling scene.  We cover of bunch of hisContinue reading “Indy Lounge: LSG & Synergy Pro Wrestling Preview!”

Indy Lounge: Nikos Rikos

OPA!! On this episode of the “Indy Lounge” we welcome tri-state area native Nikos Rikos!  Nikos is an huge animal advocate aside from being an independent wrestler.  Hear some great behind the scenes stories from his experiences appearing on WWE television.  We also talk the northeast wrestling scene, and throw in some New York baseballContinue reading “Indy Lounge: Nikos Rikos”

Indy Lounge: Dimitri Alexandrov

We conclude “Russian Week” with one the most fun-filled episodes to date! Dimitri Alexandrov is hanging out in the “Lounge” and he has enough personality to kill a bear!  We talk about his early years of playing hockey and being really into marine life. He tells us all about his favorite wrestlers growing up.  PlusContinue reading “Indy Lounge: Dimitri Alexandrov”

A Conversation w/ Nikita Koloff

“Russian Week” just became a “Russian Nightmare”!  Chris and Gregg had the tremendous honor of speaking with a true legend and NWA Hall of Famer, Nikita Koloff.  Hear all about how he got his start in wrestling, and how he pretty much learned the art of the business on the fly.  From legendary feuds withContinue reading “A Conversation w/ Nikita Koloff”

Indy Lounge: Masha Slamovich

Kicking off “Russian Week” on the podcast is one of the hottest young female talents on the indy scene.  Joining us from all the way in Japan, is New York native Masha Slamovich.  Trained by Johnny Rodz in Brooklyn, Masha brings a unique and old school view of wrestling for such a young performer.  HearContinue reading “Indy Lounge: Masha Slamovich”

Indy Lounge: Troy Hollywood

Florida native Troy Hollywood joins the “Indy Lounge” in what promises to be the most off the wall interview we have done yet.  We talk about so many topics in this conversation that the wrestling is few and far between.  From video games, to relationships, to YouTube rabbit holes, it is a unique chat toContinue reading “Indy Lounge: Troy Hollywood”

Indy Lounge: “The Dream Girl” Ellie

The Indy Lounge is back interviewing the very best talent on the independent wrestling scene.  This is episode is no different, as we welcome the other half of the International Superstars, “The Dream Girl” Ellie.  Ellie and the guys cover a litany of topics including Disney, tattoos, and, on occasion, her wrestling life story.  IfContinue reading “Indy Lounge: “The Dream Girl” Ellie”

Indy Lounge: Mario Bokara

We are very excited about today’s guest on the Indy Lounge.  Gregg and Chris have followed this man’s career from his early days in NJ wrestling, and were honored to have Mario Bokara hang out with them for a bit.  Mario has wrestled for OVW, Impact, Wrestle Pro, and many more promotions.  He shares aContinue reading “Indy Lounge: Mario Bokara”

Indy Lounge: Heather Monroe

“Women’s Week” rolls on with one of the most fun interviews we have ever done.  Heather Monroe joins us in the “Indy Lounge” to talk about her wrestling career and so much more. Hear about her unique match with Jack Jameson and Bryn Thorne, as well as her fascination with true crime stories. Indy Lounge:Continue reading “Indy Lounge: Heather Monroe”

Clash of the Champions VI

April 2nd, 1989 is a famous day in the history of wrestling.  It was the day the “Mega Powers Exploded” at Wrestlemania V in New Jersey.  1,200 miles southwest of Atlantic City, another major wrestling event was taking place in New Orleans.  “Clash of the Champions VI-Rajin Cajun” was held at the Superdome, and featuredContinue reading “Clash of the Champions VI”

Road Warriors vs.The Fabulous Freebirds

Road Warriors vs. The Fabulous Freebirds The boys are trying something a little different on the show this week, as they do their first “watch-along” of a classic match.  Fire up your YouTube and check out The Road Warriors vs. The Fabulous Freebirds from 9/28/85.  Gregg and Chris provide commentary throughout the match and haveContinue reading “Road Warriors vs.The Fabulous Freebirds”

Indy Lounge:Jaxon Stone

Indy Lounge:Jaxon Stone Jaxon Stone is one of the most fascinating figures on the independent wrestling scene.  Hear all about his unique path to the squared circle, starting with his time as a Division 1 college baseball player.  Jaxon has been all over the world as wrestler, and is using that platform to be anContinue reading “Indy Lounge:Jaxon Stone”

In Your House 7:Good Friends, Better Enemies

  In Your House 7:Good Friends, Better Enemies It was a transitional time for the WWF in April of 1996.  Wrestlemania 12 is in the books.  Bret Hart is on hiatus.  Diesel and Razor Ramon are about to jump ship and head to WCW.  There are 5 Hall of Famers in dark matches!  Gregg andContinue reading “In Your House 7:Good Friends, Better Enemies”

Indy Lounge:”The Man Under Par” Dale Springs

Indy Lounge:”The Man Under Par” Dale Springs On the inaugural episode of our new interview show, the guys welcome one of the hottest rising stars on the southern wrestling scene.  “The Man Under Par” Dale Springs from Elev8 Pro Wrestling joins the show.  They get the inside scoop on the origins of his character, hisContinue reading “Indy Lounge:”The Man Under Par” Dale Springs”

ECW Hall of Fame Class of 2020

ECW Hall of Fame Class of 2020 E C W!!!  E C W!!! This week on the show, the guys pay homage to the iconic and notorious promotion that wrestling industry upside down.  They selected 4 inductees into the inaugural class of the “DDT Archives ECW Hall of Fame.”  Chris and Gregg share stories, matches,Continue reading “ECW Hall of Fame Class of 2020”

Episode 3: Starrcade 1985

Episode 3: Starrcade 1985 This week on the show, Gregg and Chris travel back almost 35 years, and revisit a legendary event presented by Jim Crockett Promotions and the NWA.  The guys breakdown all the matches including a colossal main event featuring “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair vs. “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, as theyContinue reading “Episode 3: Starrcade 1985”

Stone Cold vs. The Rock: A Wrestlemania Trilogy

They are 2 of wrestlings most iconic superstars, and their rivalry helped define WWE’s “Attitude Era.” Over the course of 5 years, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock squared off in 3 epic Wrestlemania matches. Gregg and Chris break down those epics bouts in this latest installment of the DDT Archives! Stone Cold vs.Continue reading “Stone Cold vs. The Rock: A Wrestlemania Trilogy”

The Best Without the Belt

After 2 long years the DDT Archives is back!  We return to bring you the very best in old school wrestling analysis from a die hard fans perspective.  On this comeback edition, we list our Top 10 Best Wrestlers that never won a World Championship.  We know this a subject of great debate, so downloadContinue reading “The Best Without the Belt”

WrestleMania @ 20 Series: Straight Edge Showcase

This is the first installment of a series chronicling the third decade of WrestleMania, from 2004-2013. 5 years after his famous departure from WWE, CM Punk is still one of the most talked about, chanted about, and revered superstars of the last 2 decades. His unique style, and in-your-face personality resonated with the WWE Universe,Continue reading “WrestleMania @ 20 Series: Straight Edge Showcase”

Dirty Words:5 Phrases Fans Should Be Banned From Using

Over the weekend a list of phrases the WWE has allegedly banned from their television programming leaked onto the interweb. It was just another dirt sheet non-story since we probably wouldn’t even notice these terms had been omitted unless they told us. This got me thinking….what are some phrases that we should stop using asContinue reading “Dirty Words:5 Phrases Fans Should Be Banned From Using”

Survivor Series 2002: A View From the Cheap Seats

November 17, 2002. It was a wild time in pro wrestling. WCW and ECW were dead. The WWE was the only game in town and had a “Who’s Who” of talent stockpiled on their roster. The funny thing is, the names that weren’t around were even bigger. The Undertaker was on a hiatus. The RockContinue reading “Survivor Series 2002: A View From the Cheap Seats”

“All-In”: The Dawn of Wrestling’s Next Great War

Back in May of 2017, an honest question from a fan prompted an honest answer from everybody’s favorite “star man” Dave Meltzer. When faced with the idea of Ring of Honor selling 10,000 tickets to a live event, Uncle Dave quipped, “Not any time soon.”. After hearing this, Cody Rhodes fired back with what mayContinue reading ““All-In”: The Dawn of Wrestling’s Next Great War”

Leaving Twitter:How I Saved My Wrestling Soul

In the 2006 film, “Superman Returns”, there is a scene where Superman asks Lois Lane what she hears. When she tells him nothing, he responds with, “I hear everything.” I never thought I could relate to that quote on any level, that was until I became more engaged in the toxic playground that we lovinglyContinue reading “Leaving Twitter:How I Saved My Wrestling Soul”

Maverick Deals: The New “New Generation”

The world of pro wrestling, much like life, is cyclical. Popularity and quality of the product sometimes go from warm to cold, like the changing of the seasons. Over the last few years the WWE seems to have reached a transitional stage for the company. It reminds me a lot of what happened back inContinue reading “Maverick Deals: The New “New Generation””

Maverick Deals: When It’s “Time” To Change

We are only a few days removed from the end of the 2018 installment of the Backlash PPV. At least I’m assuming it ended a few days ago, as I took my old ass to bed following the WWE Championship match. It was at that point I realized that I am quickly becoming a crankyContinue reading “Maverick Deals: When It’s “Time” To Change”

Maverick Deals: The Roman Reigns Conundrum

Roman Reigns is the most disrespected man in wrestling. In the 30 years I have been watching this sport I have never seen a performer draw a reaction quite like he does. It defies all logic. It baffles even the most intelligent wrestling minds, especially this one. The WWE has a major league problem onContinue reading “Maverick Deals: The Roman Reigns Conundrum”

Maverick Deals:Wrestle Kingdom 12 Superlatives!

The first major wrestling event of 2018 took place this past week in Japan. It goes without saying that Wrestle Kingdom 12 was an excellent show from top to bottom. Now, I could put together an in-depth wrap up breaking down all the matches into a fine powder. That is not what you are goingContinue reading “Maverick Deals:Wrestle Kingdom 12 Superlatives!”

Maverick Deals: Dear Angry Wrestling Fans-Part 2

So now that we’ve had a little while to digest Part 1 of this letter, please enjoy the continuation: “Chan-ting Non-sense”- Since we have already covered awful you sound on social media, it’s how you act in the arenas that is the most irritating. I wish I could pinpoint the moment that it all happened.Continue reading “Maverick Deals: Dear Angry Wrestling Fans-Part 2”

Maverick Deals: Dear Angry Wrestling Fans….

The following is an open letter to all fans who have no idea how to enjoy pro wrestling anymore. Please share! Dear Angry Wrestling Fans, You may not be aware of this, but you are ruining one of the few things that I hold dear. You might not think you are part of the problem,Continue reading “Maverick Deals: Dear Angry Wrestling Fans….”