Indy Lounge: LSG & Synergy Pro Wrestling Preview!

We have a loaded show for you today on the “Indy Lounge.”  Hanging out with us is New Jersey native, the “Ace of Space”, LSG.  Having worked for Ring of Honor, Wrestle Pro, and many other promotions around the country, LSG talks about his life on the wrestling scene.  We cover of bunch of his interests outside of the squared circle, including comics, baseball, and the movies.  Stick around after our interview with LSG, as Colin West, the owner of Synergy Pro Wrestling joins Chris to talk about their upcoming event on July 11th, with the proceeds going to the American Nurses Foundation. LSG will be featured on that show as he faces Jordan Oliver with the final spot in the Synergy Garden State Invitational Tournament on the line!  You can catch that show streaming live on the FITETV app!  It is something you won’t want to miss!

Full card details can be found at

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Indy Lounge: LSG & Synergy Pro Wrestling Preview

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