Indy Lounge: Matt Macintosh

One of the top independent talents in the Northeast makes his way to the “Indy Lounge” today.  Matt Macintosh talks about his experiences wrestling in WrestlePro and a few other promotions around country.  We also talk about video games, the MCU, and his dog “Inoki.”  Speaking of dogs, Gregg goes on a rant about “Paw Patrol” that you definitely don’t want to miss!  All that and more on the “Wrestlers Podcast”!

Indy Lounge: Matt Macintosh

You can catch Matt wrestle Saturday July 11th vs. Francis Kip Stevens as Synergy Pro Wrestling presents “For the First Responders” LIVE on FITETV

Details can be found on

Note: Since we recorded this interview Matt has changed his Twitter handle to @MacBombPro so give him a follow.

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